Databoard is Google’s Newest Tool: Lets You Create Awesome Interactive Infographics

Ever run into this problem?

You need to give a presentation at your office or for a client. You need statistics to back up your data. What do you do? Go data mining? Go fishing for data? That can really be time consuming. This is on top of the time you need to prepare and create the presentation proper.

What if there was an interactive tool that can easily search out industry-leading research, help create stories using the stats, and even create infographics using selected charts and graphs?

Google has one now!

Introducing the Google Databoard for Research Insights, or simply Databoard. It lets you create custom infographics using recent research statistics and insights on these stats.

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While the number of studies in the Google database is a bit limited, Google is continuously updating it with new research. The company is attempting to keep up with the numerous data and new studies that are coming out so often, especially online. In spite of this difficulty, Google has to keep up because it realizes that all businesses need to stay up to date with the latest research and insights related to their specific industry.


Databoard for Research Insights makes research easier and allows people to create what they need to on infographics in unique and immersive ways.

Many people who have tested Databoard and found it useful for their marketing and business presentations are hoping that Google can partner with other leading research institutions in order to expand its archives.

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The Databoard tool makes great use of insights for each research study and statistic, and this is the vital part that many researchers seek out. The tool has easy sharing access on individual data points so you can get to the exact reference point you need without having to wade through an entire database.

Databoard has sharing options for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and different e-mails. Noticeably lacking is LinkedIn which is considered an important sharing destination for professional websites. This lackluster ability can be made up by pasting any link using the “Copy URL” option.

Businesses and marketing today need more specific research statistics such as ‘how often do people use their smartphones for business’ or ‘how a specific consumer shops in a local area’. Databoard can address all this by creating quick and easy infographics that can be shared online or optimized using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Link: Google Databoard


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