This Interactive Website Lets You Experience The Horror of Drowning At Sea

What a better way to teach people the importance of putting on a life jacket than to let them experience the feeling of being drowned at sea?

Well, that’s what Sortie En Mer interactive website is all about. It cleverly simulates the physical and mental fatigue one may experience when you’re thrown into the sea without inflatable object to keep you afloat in water.

The interactive website was created by French outdoor attire and safety gear company Guy Cotten with a hope to bring the importance of wearing a life jacket into the broad light of day.

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The drowning simulator features a short film directed and produced by Ben Strebel and Wanda Digital / Grouek. When a man gets thrown at sea, it’s up to you to save him by scrolling as fast as you can. If you choose not to scroll, the man succumbs to the water and sinks to the bottom.

Check out the simulation here or if you’re not yet ready to experience the terror, you can watch the teaser video below:

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